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Note Groupings and Combinations for Drumset demystifies the concept of note groupings: a system of arranging notes that span over the beat (and over the barline). We’ll start with an introduction to the groupings in their basic forms before using them as grooves and fills. Then, by combining note groupings together, we create even more rhythmic possibilities. The concepts in this book will increase your rhythmic vocabulary and creativity, all while remaining musical.

  • 3-, 5-, 6-, and 7-note groupings played over a base of 8th and 16th notes
  • 2-, 4-, 5-, and 7-note groupings played over a base of 8th-note triplets
  • Rhythmic combinations of note groupings

Note Groupings and Combinations for Drumset

Also by Jeff Johnson

The Level System

The Level System is a study of the accenting method as taught by George Lawrence Stone and Joe Morello. This method allows you to transition instantly between accented and unaccented notes. Each hand prepares for its upcoming note one stroke in advance by utilizing full strokes, downstrokes, upstrokes, and taps. These strokes are applied to rudiments, snare drum rhythms, and drumset beats. More than just a method book, The Level System will change the way you play!

Learn and apply the four stroke types:

Full Strokes

“It’s the most comprehensive and well-organized text on the subject that I’ve seen. I will certainly recommend it to my students.” – Ed Soph

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